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Comcast and AAPD to Increase Internet Access For Low-Income People With Disabilities

9/20/2019|  Story

On September 10, Comcast announced a series of initiatives designed to help address the digital divide for low-income Americans with disabilities through the Internet Essentials program, the nation’s largest and most comprehensive Internet adoption program for low-income households.
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Combat Age Discrimination at Work: For Employees and Employers

9/19/2019|  Story

In the United States, people who are 40 and older are protected from workplace discrimination by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). So problem solved, right? Not so fast.
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Overseas Trolls Targeting Veterans on Social Media: Report

9/18/2019|  Story

Foreign agitators continue to target American veterans through a complex network of fraudulent social media pages mimicking well-known service groups and brands, officials from Vietnam Veterans of America warned in a new report released Tuesday.
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Genetic Testing Scam Preys on Seniors' Cancer Fears and May Be Costing Taxpayers Millions

9/17/2019|  Story

Genexe is part of an explosion of marketing companies hiring local recruiters to go anywhere seniors hang out. The cancer test may be the hook, but the real goal is to collect as many Medicare numbers as possible.
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Veterans Unemployment Up for the Fourth Month in a Row

9/16/2019|  Story

Veterans unemployment rose for the fourth consecutive month in August, and the jobless rate for younger veterans was higher than the national figure for the first time since January.
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NAELA Provides Guidance on SECURE Act
1/16/2020  Press Release
New legislation impacts retirement tax policy
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Now Accepting Powley Nominations
1/14/2020  Announcement
Deadline: January 21, 2020 - Nominate a fellow NAELA member
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International Travel Experience for NAELA Members
1/14/2020  Announcement
NAELA is excited to announce its newest member trip: "Law And Culture: Portugal."
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Upcoming National Law Conference Focuses on Seniors and People with Special Needs - 2019 Summit
11/11/2019  Press Release
The NAELA Summit will be held November 14-16, 2019, at the Capitol Hilton. Hosted by the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA), this event for elder and special needs law attorneys will engage attendees beyond a lecture by offering discussi
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NAELA Pays Tribute on Veterans Day
11/7/2019  Press Release
Association for Elder and Special Needs Law Attorneys Observes National Holiday Recognizing Veterans for Their Service
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