Like our chapters, section membership is open to any NAELA member. NAELA sections focus on specific and distinctive areas of the elder law and special needs planning field. Section membership, as all NAELA membership, is on a calendar January to December basis.

The annual fee per section is $60 (with exception of the new/transitioning section which is offered free to members as an added benefit). If you are a current member of NAELA and would like to add a section to your membership account,  you can join online or download the application below. If you are new to NAELA, sections can be added at the time you join.

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Section Benefits

All sections provide members the opportunity to participate in focused area of law which provide information and networking opportunities specific to your practice and areas of interest. NAELA Sections share information and helpful resources via their listservs and group archived content libraries and most sections also offer newsletters and webinars. 

Advocacy/Litigation Section

The NAELA Advocacy and Litigation Section provides a vital resource to members on litigation and advocacy issues arising in elder law, planning, estate and trust administration and special needs practices.  The Section offers NAELA members expertise and resources in litigation and advocacy in estate and trust administration, probate, civil litigation, guardianships and conservatorships, representation of fiduciaries, elder and disability rights, nursing home litigation, and abuse and exploitation matters.
Section members regularly practice in state and federal courts and administrative hearings. 

The Section also offers its members as well as non-litigating NAELA members, expertise in how to avoid litigation in estate and trust planning.  Section members benefit from monthly telephone conferences as well as webinars and newsletters (published by the Section).

Guardianship/Conservatorship Section

This Section explores the issues related to the legal adjudication of capacity, the administration of guardianship estates, and the guardian’s fiduciary liability as well as the attorney’s fiduciary liability in the guardianship process. Section members network by sharing information on case law and other related materials in its newsletter, The Bulletin, which is published twice per year.

Medicare, Medicaid and Health Care Advocacy

This section offers, among other things, the opportunity to delve more deeply into issues related to Medicaid and Medicare--and beyond. Virtually every health care issue arises from a context of governmental edicts, regulations, and funding-and merger of the Sections will provide a forum for examination and critique of other health policy issues of interest to NAELA members and our clients.

New/Transitioning Attorneys Section

The Section is for new attorneys (or attorneys new to NAELA). Its primary focus is to network with other attorneys new to Elder and Special Needs Law and to provide a resource in addition to the national member listserv to ask questions of other people in relatively similar situations. Membership in this Section is free and is limited to those who have been attorneys for less than 10 years or those who have been a member of NAELA for less than three years.

Practice Development/Practice Management Section

As an Elder and Special Needs Law attorney, how do you promote your firm and the services you offer? This section offers members a chance to connect with others and learn proven marketing tips and strategies. The Practice Development/Practice Management publishes its newsletter, News You Can Use, twice per year and offers webinars and a listserv focused just on growing your practice.

Special Needs Law Section

The Special Needs Law Section focuses on the many aspects of Special Needs Law. The Section publishes a newsletter twice per year.

Tax Section

The Section keeps members advised on significant tax developments im-pacting Elder and Special Needs Law including, trusts, estates and related practice areas. It provides a user friendly forum for NAELA’s active tax practitioners and for those NAELA members interested in developing their practices to include tax-related matters. The Section publishes a newsletter twice per year.

Trusts and Special Needs Trusts Section

Keep yourself up-to-date on the latest cases involving trusts and related matters. Section members will share cases and analysis of cases they have been involved with as well as other articles on developments. The Section publishes a newsletter twice per year.

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